Ad Verification

ad|ve|ri|fi|ca|tion noun
1. describes the process of systematically tracking a variety of aspects of ad campaign delivery against compliance with the media plan, insertion order, as well as the general compliance to a brand’s image or identity.
2. is the result of  systematic tracking, stating the level, extent and type of all misplacements an ad has been exposed to.

With the number of misplaced ads constantly on the rise – namely by fraudulent activity such as Bot Traffic and Ghost Sites or placements whose viewability may not be guaranteed – it has become imperative to verify compliance with all specifications in the IO and relevant KPIs.

From manual monitoring and technology-based methods – crawling, sampling & tracking – to research-based methods – paneling, AB testing – all methods of verification vary in chance of success and required resources. batch developed a holistic portfolio of ad verification solutions which do justice to differing availability of resources and focus points for verification.

While the methods applied for verification purposes differ, they all allow for an in-depth variance analysis from a financial, brand safety and quality standpoint. Beyond that, ad verfication uncovers any cases in which the placement does not match the brand’s image, violates legal restrictions or defies all logic. All verification data, further, serves to sustainably optimize current and future campaign delivery and media buys.