firstTAG Audit

firstTAG audit is our verification tool suited to the needs of advertisers/ agencies and networks/ plattforms.

Our firstTAG domain data base knows millions of advertising environments, categorizing them by suitability level and general content. It differentiates three levels of suitability by assigning them a traffic light color; green content being suitable to the majority of advertisers, yellow content meaning that suitability for advertisers is questionalbe and red marking all critical environments such as illegal downloading sites, extremists’ beliefs, pornography and the like.

Futhermore, the data base assignes a selection of our 150 content categories to each domain and subdomain – ranging from fashion and sports to business and finance content.

When a campaign is tracked via firstTAG audit, the tool verifies and qualifies traffic as well as other aspects such as visibility, geographic focus and contact frequencies. Tracking data including information on irregularities found are then reported on a regular basis in comprehensive xls reportings or easy-to-read pdf reportings. Alerts are released in real-time for especiallly brand damaging and non-compliant placements.

Beyond aspects of brand safety, the tool detects potential cases of adfraud, distinguishes human from non-human traffic and registers other indicators of fraudulent or otherwise inapt placement.

firstTAG audit reportings may be utilized in order to take optimizational measures in regards to allocation of financial ressources and reallocation of media spending to increase performance by comparing different partners. Reportings also serve when enforcing compliant campaign delivery. Current and future campaigns benefit from an audit.

Lastly, firstTAG audit provides features for networks and plattforms to manage their entire inventory and increase its value.