firstTAG Blocking

firstTAG blocking is the ultimate brand safety
and preventative solution by batch.

While firstTAG audit passively tracks campaign delivery, allows a deep insight and, therefore, reports data that may be utilized for immediate or future optimization, it does not intervene with campaign delivery.

For those clients seeking to actively hinder ads from being displayed in any pre-defined environment, batch offers its firstTAG blocking tool. It is available as a real-time tool for current campaign delivery, as well as a PreBid solution for use in RTB systems.

Whichever environment is to be blocked from campaign delivery is defined by batch’s client in so-called blocking rules. These rules comprise of as many criteria as desired, choosing from banning based on the firstTAG suitability levels (i.e. “red” for critical), the firstTAG categories (i.e. “infringing content”, “adult content”, etc.) or by uploading any black, white and approved lists. Blocking rules are set on an individual campaign, advertiser or placement level.

firstTAG blocking reduces budget wastage caused by misplacements, protects a brand’s image from negative branding effects in unsuitable environments and supports in enforcing a compliant  campaign delivery.